How we do it

We aim to add value to the agricultural commodity chains introducing new and innovative materials utilising wastage which otherwise would end up either as landfill or decomposing with the assistance of hazardous chemicals. 
In process, minimising contamination of crops, which in tail will minimise loss of produce and evidently loss of money.

The repurposing of new sustainable raw materials from agricultural & food factory waste will create a new industry with the main aspects being:

Economic aspect: Value added to the agricultural chain by utilising the wastage as a new sustainable product for numerous industries.

Environmental aspect: Sustainability in recuperating 20% – 30% of initial waste in the product of the raw material and another 20% – 30% in the second waste, this will be used to improve technology processes and in par energy consumption methods by utilising percentage of wastage in energy production and creating a closed-circuit line.

Social aspects: The creation of new job opportunities in regional areas as well as in the R&D field.

Ethical aspect: Fund projects in different fields such as education, health, food and sanitation in all regions where crops require to be processed